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Activities Payment Preferences


Activities can be paid for by two payment methods - Credit Card or Cash. The Activities Payment Preferences API call will get the relevant method specifically for the package you inquire.



Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
SOAPAction: ""
Content-Length: 777
Expect: 100-continue


Body of the request:

Field Name Description Type Possible Values M/O
 ActivityId The unique activity ID  String   M
 GradeId The unique rate ID  String   M
 SelectedDate The activity's start date     M
 RequestType      GetPaymentPreferences M
 SessionID  The current booking session  String   M
 TypeOfService      Activities M


Body of the response:

Field Name Description Type
PaymentPreference The payment preferences for the requested package  
AcceptedCreditCards Null if the payment method list item is Cash  

 Can be:

- Cash

- CreditCardInternal

- CreditCardExternal

 CreditCardPaymentCommision Information about the credit card type, commission and the payment currency  
 CanCollectServiceFee Is the payment is commissionaire transaction Boolean
 CardType Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover  
 ChargingCurrency The charging currency for the transaction method  
 Commision Transaction commission  
 ConversionRate The conversion between the search currency and the supplier currency  
AcceptedCreditCards (closing)
 Errors  Errors retrieved in the response  
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