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The Log Viewer allows users to view, save and analyze any activity made in a session, including requests/responses to and from Travolutionary API, and also requests/responses to and from supplier APIs.

Any booking related activity is saved in XML/JSON format into a file, and the file can be viewed using this tool.

The tool offers 4 main functions:

  • Viewing a specific session by a Session ID
  • Viewing a session associated with a specific Segment ID
  • Viewing a session made by a specific user
  • Inspecting failed booking transactions

The most important idea to understand is that when you run into an error, you should copy the session ID, and troubleshoot it using this tutorial.

It takes time to get used to it and work proficiently with it, but eventually, you will learn to investigate every log and understand where the errors come from.
The full tutorial is attached as a PDF file to this article.

Please note, each session ID is removed after 3 weeks, unless a booking request has been sent.

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